June 26

The blue jays are back
"Birdie! Birdie!" to my cat
"Ke-ke-ke!" to me


An update

Still out of work and desperately poor. I'm at the point where I don't know if I'll make it though the month. I haven't made rent yet and unemployment is running out soon. Might get extended, I don't know. All this stress has completely locked me down art-wise. I haven't been able to draw anything in months which sucks because I have a lot of outstanding commission orders that need to be done. This make me feel absolutely terrible. It's constantly on my mind how long these incredibly patient people have had to wait. It just adds to the stress that's keeping me from drawing. It's a horrible snowball effect. Stress and depression lead to artblock. Artblock leads to more stress and depression which leads to more artblock. I can't support myself on my art but I could be making some money if I could just draw again! And I can't in good conscience accept any new commission orders when I have so many that need to be done.

Well, anyway, I don't know what's going to happen. I very likely may be homeless soon. It's horrible how many times I've had to say that in the past few years. I'm just so glad I've always been able to scrape by with the help of friends and family and selling what little I have for whatever I could get for it. But, that this point, my parents can't help and I've sold nearly every thing I own of any value. If I can't find a job this month... you might not hear from me much anymore.

I wish I could offer commissions. That would really help right now. I suppose if any of you who understand that I absolutely have to get my current commissions done first and are willing to wait, possibly, several months really want to help out and order a commission I'll accept. I just hate to put more pressure on my head but I also really don't want to be homeless.

Anyway, that's where I am now, in case anyone is wondering. And to the people I owe commissions to, I have not forgotten you and I am so very sorry. Thank you all for being so patient with with me. I only hope that I can produce something for each of you that's worth the wait.


Can't make rent. More added to sale.

Well, I paid the landlord all I could today but I'm still short on the rent and they're not pleased. Basically, I've bought myself a few days until they start trying to evict me again. Which is, you know, just wonderful. Still haven't found a job. My unemployment is going to be running out next month, I think. Things are not good in Edland.

 However, you may be able to help out. Please check out my emergency sale http://atomicpanda.com/omgsale.html, my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Atomicpanda and my shirt shop http://atomicpanda.spreadshirt.com/ (maybe if I sold another couple shirts I'd finally be able to get some money from Spreadshirt). I'm in the process of adding more stuff to both my sale page and my Etsy store. The holidays are coming up. Maybe you'll find a gift to give.

Commissions, I know I said I would not accept commissions until the ones I have are done but, desperate times and all that. I am now taking commissions as long as you understand that the ones I have already will be done first. This means any commissions I get now will likely not be done until January. This old post on my DA page http://eddieperkins.deviantart.com/journal/20-commissions-open-242599122 explains my basic $20 commission set up. If you'd like something larger and more elaborate we can work out a price.

Lastly, you can help me and help others at the same time. If you go to my sale page there's a donation button. From now until the end of the month, 10% of any donation I get (after PayPal's fees) I will be donating to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

So, yeah, anything would be a big help and it would be great if you could spread the word. Thanks!


I'd really like to make rent and stuff and not, like, loose my place so, maybe check out my sale page http://atomicpanda.com/omgsale.html, Etsy page http://www.etsy.com/shop/Atomicpanda, and shirt shop http://atomicpanda.spreadshirt.com/ Holidays are coming up. Maybe you can find a nice gift for someone. As for me, I'd just like to not be kicked out of my place.


I'm so sorry.

What have I become? http://fav.me/d411lvf
If I can fill these commission slots I can make next month's rent (though just barely). http://eddieperkins.deviantart.com/journal/42404896/ Please spread the word?



Just opened up 10 $20 commissions. http://eddieperkins.deviantart.com/journal/42404896/ First come first served.


Apple Bloom makes three

There. All three CMC's done. Next post, something other than ponies.


Two days left on my Twilight Sparkle auction


And it's at... 99 cents. FFFFFFFUUUUUUU

OK, here's the deal, go bid. If the price goes over $10 winner gets a pony sketch of any pony they want. If it goes over $20 I'll finish the sketch in full color. Winner will get the pencils and a high res digital file of the colors suitable for printing. If it goes over $30 well, I'll think of something.

So, get bidding, please. Remember, I just lost my job and am in desperate need of income.


Dumb Fabric

Follow up to the Scootaloo from a couple days ago.