Desperately broke...again.

I was doing OK for a bit there but a combination of massive depression and time off work due to a foot injury has left me ridiculously broke. How broke? Well, I just got back from scraping together enough to get the power back on and right next to me here is an eviction notice from my landlord if I don't pay rent in the next couple days.

So, hurray for my life. -_-;

Anyway, just a reminder that the emergency sale I put together last time I was in this situation is still up and running here: http://atomicpanda.com/omgsale.html If there is anything at all you'd like from it, now would be a good time. I can have it to you in time for the Holidays.

Also, just a reminder, I have art for sale here: http://atomicpanda.com/store.html Again, maybe some of it could make a good gift?

As for commissions, they have to remain closed since I still have several outstanding ones that, due to my depression, are waaaaaay overdue. I suppose I could take on some new commissions as long as you know going in that it'll likely be several months before you get it.

So, yeah, if you don't see anything you want maybe spread the word?


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