Clearly, I cannot be trusted with money

I was doing slightly OK last month. So what do I do? I blow my money buying toys for charity http://atomicpanda.com/post/raritycharityreply.jpg and spend time doing paintings for free for sad people http://eddieperkins.deviantart.com/#/d3emjld when I have outstanding commissions (Yes, Heather, I'm almost done.) and could be making money off of new art. And now... I have $5. Literally, I have $5 to my name. I got hit with several unexpected yearly bills all this month and it wiped me out. So, hurray for continued poverty!

I do not want any charity. I feel like a bastard getting money for nothing. And I can't take any new commissions at the moment and won't until I have my backlog finished. But, if there is anything on my sale page http://atomicpanda.com/omgsale.html or art shop http://atomicpanda.com/store.html you want now would be an excellent, excellent time.

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